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As promised, another post about food. And very good one.

During my weekend in Zaragoza, I spent most of my free time eating: the number of bars and the variety of tapas is amazing; but our lunch on Saturday was probably the best one.

Suggested by some people, we went to Hermanos Teresa, a restaurant which is hidden in a neighbourhood outside the city center and where you can eat the best tapas in Zaragoza. And this statement was quickly supported by many diplomas hung on the walls, showing all the prices they have won.

It was really difficult to choose among the wide selection of tapas, but with the help of one of the nice bartenders, we ate these tasty things you can see on the pictures. The price? Of course, it depends on what you eat, but a lunch or dinner there might cost around 20-25€ per person.

Important: if you want to have dinner there during the weekend, you may have to wait a bit or go there early, since they don't make reservations.

Hermanos Teresa is located at c/General Ricardos, 11

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