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And to finish our stay in Macedonia, we went to Ohrid, where although it wasn't high season, we had a great time.

We ate (again) great food at a kafeana, drank 2912719 liters of rakia and went up the hill and enjoyed the amazing views. We partied at a house on top of the hill and played Jamiroquai as loud as we could while wearing flannel shirts and nobody shut us up.

These things happen once-in-a-lifetime. Again... thanks!



Our second stop in this trip through the Balkans was Skopje, in Macedonia.

The days there were full of typical Communist buildings, super tasty homemade Balcanic food, ostrich and white beans as a snack :) Turkish bazars, fortresses and mountains. Great terraces, frappés and kikirikis. Simonas and Simonkeys and cats that fall in love with people. Taxis for 1 euro, rakia and explosive cocktails.

Skopje is worth a visit and we couldn't have a better hostess... THANKS, Simona Simonkey :)



I just got back from a week of holidays through the Balkans. I can just say that those countries are amazing and the weirdest and funniest things can only happen there.

Our first stop was Sofia (Bulgaria). Starting from a crazy and arty hostel with uncomfy beds and cold showers which made us laugh a lot and following with flea markets full of old coins, hipflasks, Nazi pins, Communist hats and Super 8 cameras. Beautiful architecture, churches and buildings that seem are going to fall on you. Nice salads, bread and ice creams. Taxi drivers who try to cheat on you all the time and Cyrillic alphabet which can make you get lost. Live music and bartenders who you ask for 2 shots and serve you 5.