I'm Laura, an Art Director based in Amsterdam.
In this blog you will find pieces of what I love most: food and coffee. Enjoy!

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Even though I had passed by thousands of times, I heard about this place through this blog.

Bodega de la Ardosa is an old and cosy bar in Madrid, where you can choose among a few varieties of beers (besides other drinks, of course) and taste delicious tapas and homemade dishes. If you pass by, do not hesitate to order salmorejo and croquetas (the best ones, from my point of view, are the ones made of seafood and codfish).

It is usually busy but it is worth a visit. I specially like that small detail of having to pass under the bar if you want to go to the toilet :) Bodega de la Ardosa has become a must for me!

This bar is located in C/Colón, 13 (Metro Tribunal)



Influenced by the Take Away Shows of La Blogotheque, comes the Canadian initiative Giants of the Forest.

This project intends to make videos of well-known and not so popular bands in natural landscapes with no more devices than a camera, a microphone and the own members of the band, their instruments and voices.

For the time being, they have only uploaded 4 videos... hopefully they will make more soon: they are beautiful!



When you thought you had seen everything, then Madrid gives you another surprise. This time, you have to go to the underground to find something unexpected... A Chinese restaurant at a parking! And not just any, but a restaurant where you can actually see Chinese people eating, which is always a good sign.

The menu is not like the rest of the Chinese places you can find around the city. It is made up by a few varieties of soups, egg and rice noodles (very nice ones)... but if you expect to find the typical Spring rolls or so... then it is not the place. However, they do offer (apparently) very tasty meat and vegetable pasties.

If you ever drop by, be aware of the long queues though. Take away is a good idea, instead.

But it is not only the restaurant! In the same hall you can also find a Chinese groceries shop, a Chinese real state agency and a (Chinese, as well) travel agency. As I said, China Downtown.

You can find this Chinese restaurant at the parking of Plaza de España