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In this blog you will find pieces of what I love most: food and coffee. Enjoy!

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One of the Monmouth shops is located next to the Borough Market so, taking advantage of one of our breaks, we headed there for a coffee. My sister said that they also sold their beans to other coffee places in London and apparently, the coffee was very good.

And she was right! I had an iced latte and it was delicious. They also have a few varieties of pastries, so it is perfect to spend the morning or an early afternoon.

I miss this kind of places (specialized in coffee) in Madrid so I can't wait to go back!

More info and locations here



I just got back from London, where I spent Easter visiting my sister. It was a short visit but hectic! London was crowded due to the holidays and the underground worked terribly. I don't really understand why they use the weekends (and specially in Easter, when the city is more busy) to fix parts of the lines and not inform about that until the very last moment. It was very annoying and tiring but anyway, we had fun.

On Thursday, we went to Borough Market. I am in love with markets and specially, the ones with food, so this was a perfect way to spend the morning.

Here you can find almost everything you need: from meat, fish and all kinds of vegetables or fruits, to the weirdest spices. Also bakeries, olives or juices shops and other places with cooked food (like the one on the last picture, with delicious Asian food). And next to the market, bars and a church with a green area where you can enjoy the food that you bought :)

It's only opened on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.
More info here



As promised, another post about food. And very good one.

During my weekend in Zaragoza, I spent most of my free time eating: the number of bars and the variety of tapas is amazing; but our lunch on Saturday was probably the best one.

Suggested by some people, we went to Hermanos Teresa, a restaurant which is hidden in a neighbourhood outside the city center and where you can eat the best tapas in Zaragoza. And this statement was quickly supported by many diplomas hung on the walls, showing all the prices they have won.

It was really difficult to choose among the wide selection of tapas, but with the help of one of the nice bartenders, we ate these tasty things you can see on the pictures. The price? Of course, it depends on what you eat, but a lunch or dinner there might cost around 20-25€ per person.

Important: if you want to have dinner there during the weekend, you may have to wait a bit or go there early, since they don't make reservations.

Hermanos Teresa is located at c/General Ricardos, 11



There is been some time since I don't update my blog and the reason is that the last few weeks I have been very busy, working on my portfolio. Due to a portfolio review, I travelled to Zaragoza two weeks ago, where I spent the whole weekend.

The portfolio correction happened to be a thrill and that left me quite some time to walk around the city with a perfect guide.

These are some of the snaps I took. The next post will be (of course) about food. Everything I ate there was delicious!