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In this blog you will find pieces of what I love most: food and coffee. Enjoy!

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Hi there, guy!



Is it a van? Is it a restaurant? It's both! And as many locals say, Lucky Chip probably serves the best burgers in London! I can't say since there are many more to be tried, but it is probably some of the best street food I tried while visiting and it is part of my top ten burgers chart.

I tried the Kelly LeBrock and well... you just need to look at the pictures above. It has everything! And no need to say it was amazing.

And for those who don't like eating outdoors, they park their van every evening and serve their burgers at Sebright Arms. For those who like the van atmosphere, every Saturday (during the day) at Netil Market in Hackney.

By the way, I had a tooth taken out this week, so yes, I am self-flagellating with these pictures.







I read on the volume 2 of Kinfolk an article about Sunday roast and it reminded me I had these pictures ready to be posted on the blog.

Together with my family I enjoyed a delicious Sunday roast at The Hemingway. Great venue (a mix of art deco and old classics and a cozy terrace) and great food as you can see above. We ordered salads, chicken and lamb roasts and Beef Wellington. I still drool when I think about it. And we ended it with pie and banoffee.

What I like about this English tradition is that it lasts the whole day. You eat late, the food is heavy and then the only thing you want to do is go for a walk and a coffee to another relaxing place. And that is exactly what we did.

Happy weekend to all of you!



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Breakfast is definitely my favourite meal of the day (whenever I get to wake up early) and this in London was one of my best breakfasts EVER.

Two words: Nordic Bakery. Say no more. A bright and peaceful place that allows you to enjoy early morning pleasures such as the smell of freshly baked pastries and good coffee while you read your favourite book or magazine.

If you ever go to either of their two venues, do not hesitate to ask for a herring sandwich and a homemade Finnish cinnamon bun (they really won me when I saw they bake them themselves).