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There is always something new to do in Madrid, so one of the last times I had some free time I headed to Antón Martín, an area I did not have the chance to traipse around.

Apart from the famous Filmoteca or Cine Doré (where you can watch old and not so old films for a good price and whose program you can see here), the neighbourhood is full of nice places to either eat or drink something. It is also close to the museums, which is a good thing.

In one of those small streets is located El Azul de Fúcar, a cosy coffee place with some kind of Scandinavian air which is perfect for having breakfast, eating healthy and having coffee or a piece of cake. The menu for lunch is quite cheap and they also offer a vegetarian version.

I specially like bars with blackboards and this is one of them!

El Azul de Fúcar is located at C/El Fúcar 5 (Metro Antón Martín)

2 comentarios :

  1. Any type of place with blackboard menus pretty much means their food is tasty and hearty to me! Yum.


  2. Hola! Gracias por tu comentario y por los lugares que recomiendas: me los apunto porque, sí, llevo aquí ya 8 meses y no es que Amberes sea muy grande, pero me siguen faltando sitios de este estilo por descubrir. Porque el Café d'Anvers ya lo tengo bastante visto xD es tiempo de otras cosas. Me guardo tu blog, que veo que también comentas cosas de Madrid, ciudad que me tocará redescubrir en cuanto llegue :)

    Un beso!