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There is no better way to start a new day than having a good breakfast, mainly when it is raining in the city.

I had seen this place on a blog and looked fantastic, so I couldn't wait to visit it. It is called Olivia te cuida and well... it is exactly how I imagined it would be when I read about it. Kind of country decoration, small and cosy. They have a big table to share and just a few more for 2 or 3 people.

For breakfast, we chose a tea and a basket of both white and whole-grain bread, tomato and jam. The homemade carrot and orange jam was delicious!

Besides, it is also a good choice for lunch (as I said, it is a small place, so it is better to book in advance) and they offer a few varieties of cakes and other desserts (some of them to order). It is closed during the weekends, but apparently you can rent it for private events.

Olivia te cuida is located in C/Santa Teresa, 8 (Metro Alonso Martínez)

*All the pictures are mine but the first one

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  1. Anónimo15:19:00

    haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! i ve been there!!! loove it miss madrid

  2. Buf! Awesome!! So nice, I really wanna go :)