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Not all is about going out for dinner, but also cooking a tasty meal at home. Some friends have already told me how funny it is that my life seems to be based on food. Well, there is nothing we can do, this is a true love relationship!

So last Friday I chose a recipe from a Jamie Oliver's book that my sister got me: chicken korma, an Indian dish which I love.

The difficult part of cooking these kind of things is finding the ingredients but... this is Madrid! And as I mentioned in another post we bought almost everything at this fantastic Chinese shop! Including my beloved curry paste and bapao filled with meat.

As a side dish we cooked rice with ginger and lemon and mixed with the korma chicken happened to be delicious! And as a dessert, mochi with chocolate and peanut.

Mmmh... I am starving again!

2 comentarios :

  1. sí lo soy :)

    yo tambien te sigo!

  2. Anónimo8:15:00

    Looks delicious! :) & I can only agree. Sometime the hardest part bout cooking a great dish is to find the ingredients... or as a poor student, be willing to buy a certain special ingredient, that you just know only will be used rarely. Ha Ha.