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When I went inside this place I felt like if I was in a tale of Charles Dickens.
Living in London is a shop and tea room in Madrid. Besides being able to choose among diverse English products (such as jam, chocolate, tea, biscuits or even homemade cakes) you can enjoy a very nice cup of tea at the back of the place. I am a fan of those granny cups!

Furthermore, part of the profits goes to social projects in Africa, which makes it a better reason to stop by.

Living in London is located in Santa Engracia, 4 (metro Alonso Martínez) and Príncipe de Vergara, 34 (metro Príncipe de Vergara or Velázquez)

4 comentarios :

  1. That wallpaper is fantastic!

  2. This place looks beautiful! And I LOVE that photo of the teacup. If you wanted to send me a print, I bet it'd end up on the wall in my new place :)

  3. Every time I visit Madrid I mean to visit this place and then forget about it. I must do it the next time!

  4. oh how i wish i could go there!!! it seems so far away from Australia....

    love the beautiful old tea cups :)