I'm Laura, an Art Director based in Amsterdam.
In this blog you will find pieces of what I love most: food and coffee. Enjoy!

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Charlie + Mary is a concept store located in De Pijp, focused on Eco Fashion and other fair products.
They sell different clothing brands, all of them environmentally friendly, made with organic fabrics or which use sustainable techniques on their production. I specially like the Swedish Camilla Norrback. Their fabrics are so soft!

Besides, you can find books, (bio) cosmetics, home accessories... or you can even have a coffee and a piece of cake at the back of the cozy shop!

They also have a webshop. Check their website here!

Charlie + Mary is located in Gerard Doustraat 84

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  1. I love that place! I chanced upon one day last month. Lovely. Also, I love your new header! Did you design it?