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I don't really know why it took me so long to post about one of my favourite spots in Antwerp. Me and my friends found out this bar by chance when we were studying there 2 years ago. We were looking for a real hot chocolate to warm us up during the cold Belgian autumn, tired of the warm Cecemel we were served everywhere and... there it was, Bar Choq! Luckily, it had opened its doors just a few time ago! Since then, it became one of our meeting points after class or an afternoon of shopping.

The menu includes a large list of chocolates and (for coffee lovers) very good coffees, plus milkshakes or sweet snacks. And the place itself is fantastic... the music, the books and its decoration, which has improved over the months and I have to say that I love the bike and the old pictures hanging on the walls. It is always a pleasure to come back and be welcome by the friendly Jens!

3 comentarios :

  1. mmm....por favor! qué pinta! Voy a tener que volver a Amberes a por uno de estos...que cuando estuve no los probé!

  2. I keep forgetting to check this one out, like you told me to, but I'll be there soon and will have to stop by!

  3. you definitely have to do it! im sure you're gonna love it