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Hi there, guy!



Is it a van? Is it a restaurant? It's both! And as many locals say, Lucky Chip probably serves the best burgers in London! I can't say since there are many more to be tried, but it is probably some of the best street food I tried while visiting and it is part of my top ten burgers chart.

I tried the Kelly LeBrock and well... you just need to look at the pictures above. It has everything! And no need to say it was amazing.

And for those who don't like eating outdoors, they park their van every evening and serve their burgers at Sebright Arms. For those who like the van atmosphere, every Saturday (during the day) at Netil Market in Hackney.

By the way, I had a tooth taken out this week, so yes, I am self-flagellating with these pictures.

3 comentarios :

  1. wow that looks amazing

  2. .... I'm craving a hamburger now...

  3. Estoy visitando tu blog y...madre mía qué hambre!! Además, he vivido unos años en Londres así que conozco bien los sitios de los que hablas, sobre todo la zona de Hackney. Acabo de regresar, pero gracias por trasladarme allí de nuevo!