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London can be tiring, specially during holidays when the city gets packed by tourists, so it is important to find the perfect spot to relax. And it is incredible how, in such a crowded area, you can find this great place.

While in his brother and neighbour at Beak Street you can enjoy a good coffee, Fernandez & Wells Lexington is a very nice place to drink a glass of wine and have a sandwich or any of their delicious suggestions written on the boards all along the counter. The offer goes from good quality Spanish products such as cured ham, cheese and Cantabrian anchovies to Italian meats and other English products or daily soups. Some of their sandwiches have been named as the best sandwiches in London!

The place is quite small but if you are lucky, you can find a chair and enjoy some of their delights at the counter surrounded by such a cosy atmosphere. They do know how to make the best out of simple things.

Fernandez & Wells Lexington is located at 43 Lexington Street.
Underground: Oxford Circus or Piccadilly Circus.
Find our more about their other locations here.

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