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It's Friday and many people like me like to spend some time of the weekend cooking, so why not sharing a recipe from the Jamie Oliver magazine that I cooked last week? The ingredients I used and the way to cook them are not exactly the same, but the result was good!

For the quesadillas you need: flour tortillas, chicken breasts, peppers (red, yellow or green), red chili (I didn't use it), coriander leaves and cheddar cheese.

Besides, I made 3 sides: guacamole (avocado, tomatoes, onion, lime, coriander, salt and pepper), cottage cheese with lime and pineapple salsa (tinned pineapple, mustard seeds or mustard sauce, lime, black pepper and olive oil).


The pineapple sauce is really easy: you just have to chop the tinned pineapple and heat it with a bit of its own juice on a pan where you previously added a bit of olive oil and mustard. Add some pepper and cook it for like 5 minutes till it's a bit thick. Squeeze half a lime and serve it in a bowl.




For the guacamole, chop tomatoes, avocados and an onion and add them into a bowl. Add the coriander leaves, lime, salt and pepper and mix with a hand blender. I like it better and it's more authentic when it's not smooth but you can see the pieces of the vegetables.




For the other side, you just have to mix cottage chese with lime juice and add a bit of salt and pepper. It has a really fresh flavour!


And finally, for the quesadillas, chop the peppers, add the coriander leaves and the cheddar.
Put this mix and the chicken pieces you previously cooked in the middle of a tortilla and fold it. Cook both sides of the tortilla in a pan till they are golden and you see the cheese melting et voilà!



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  1. Paulen16:03:00

    qué cuqui, con perejilito y todo. Muy limpio, muy bonito, Peach.

  2. Mmmmmm. I'm defo gonna try this. Sounds and looks sooo tasty!