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Every last Sunday of the month (except in Summer) takes place the Sunday Market. It is usually located in the Westergasfabriek (as its name says, an old gas factory that turned into a multifunctional space for cultural and creative purposes) but last June it changed its location to Amsterdam Noord. The fact of taking a ferry to visit the other part of the city is something that really amazes me from Amsterdam.

Forget about it if you want to buy second hand clothes. On the other hand you have alternative fashion brands or handmade clothes.
And furthermore, lots of stands with food, such as this pancake caravan or the oysters stand where we had one for free plus some super nice french cider.

Visiting the market also gave us the chance of knowing of another great place. But that will come soon!

To get to Amsterdam-Noord take a at Centraal Station.
In this case, direction Buiksloterweg (every 5 or 10 min?)

2 comentarios :

  1. mocu! molame mil tu blog!
    el mio ye una gran moñiga, dado el abandono y la falta de experiencia por estos lares...
    que bonito debe ser ese mercado...y que fotos más guapas...
    un besitoo me hago fan tuya :)

  2. no me preguntes por que no puedo escribirte en el blog... o igual si! lo he intentado y no se enviaba!
    que no sabia yo que andabas por estos lares! me encanta! y tienes que actualizar mas, que es usted una artista!
    en cuanto internet me deje me hago fan tuya tambien, moco!