I'm Laura, an Art Director based in Amsterdam.
In this blog you will find pieces of what I love most: food and coffee. Enjoy!

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My name is Laura and like this, I have started a thousand of blogs over and over again.
I could be eating milk with cereals all the time and I hate spiders. Now I live in Amsterdam, where it seems that the percentage of humidity is proportional to the size of the people.

The purpose of this blog is that there is no purpose. From pictures, to tips and other interesting stuff that I find on Internet, as long as I don't give up and start another thing again.


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  1. Hi Laura! I'm so glad I saw you on Facebook because I love this blog! I totally know what you mean about starting new ones all the time, like starting a new journal before your last one is filled up. I do the same. Anyway, it's great and your photos are really fantastic. Can't wait to see more!